1. Deadline for TLTC grants, final call for one

    May 5, 2015

    Faculty and staff have one last opportunity to apply for Quick Wins/Discovery grants of up to $50,000 under the Transforming Learning for a Third Century (TLTC) program, part of the Third Century Initiative. The first of two deadlines also is approaching for a third round of the much larger Transformation grants, ranging from $100,000 to $3 million.

    To date, the Quick Wins/Discovery program has provided funding for nearly 100 small projects that were determined to have transformative potential for curriculum, pedagogy and student learning, or were projects that embraced risk, discovery, and experimentation. TLTC leaders are looking for projects with this same potential in this last round of proposals, due June 5.

    Successful Transformation projects should offer large-scale changes to instruction and/or infrastructure, and enable faculty and staff to implement new learning approaches that are sustainable or replicable. Projects should be evidence-based, showing that the proposed changes will favorably impact learning experiences. Letters of intent are required for the Transformation program and are due on May 29. Full proposals are due Aug. 31.

    In November 2014, TLTC leaders announced the first three recipients of Transformation grants totaling $4.7 million.  The inaugural projects were: Interprofessional Health Education and Collaborative Care, Personalizing at Scale: Engaging Every Student as an Individual, and Master Class. The team is in the process of reviewing a second round of these projects, with an announcement expected next month.

    To date the university has funded $7.7 million under the three grant programs — Quick Wins, Discovery and Transformation, out of the $25 million dedicated to teaching initiatives, under the Third Century Initiative.

    Find out more about Quick Wins/Discovery and Transformation grants and deadlines: http://thirdcentury.umich.edu/student-learning

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