The University of Michigan is known across the globe as a top-notch research and teaching university, with a faculty made up of some of the finest scholars in the world.

And while stories of its research enterprise, faculty expertise and athletic teams often make the most headlines, what goes on in “classrooms” every day also sets U-M apart, as faculty help students reach their potential to become some of the world’s greatest scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, educators, humanitarians and problem-solvers.

Michigan’s World Class: Steeped in a tradition of excellence, yet brimming with creative new ways to share knowledge, address issues of the day, and equip future leaders with the skills and confidence they need to solve some of society’s most vexing problems.

U-M is changing the way it prepares tomorrow’s leaders, from flipped classrooms and multidisciplinary courses, to immersive experiences that allow students to tackle societal problems down the street or across the world.

Faculty members ask students to do more than read from a textbook and listen to lectures. They challenge students to go out and find people with a need, and then work in small groups to meet it. They ask students to think about issues in new ways.

And they use the best technology has to offer to teach, and to measure and monitor success.

Michigan’s faculty: Nimble, innovative and dedicated to developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Michigan’s World Class: Unique, engaging and committed to excellence.

This series will highlight some of the best of U-M teaching and learning.